Molly Burman – ‘Everytime’

Molly Burman announces her debut EP alongside brand new single ‘Everytime’ 

Nineteen-year-old Molly Burman has it all: light-hearted sounds and a caramel-smooth voice – today, she has unleashed her brand new single ‘Everytime’.

The woozy, bedroom-pop-inspired single delves into Burman’s mind as well as adding a sprinkle of melancholic sensibility. ‘Everytime’ an empowering track perfect for anyone struggling with their love life – when commenting, Molly says, “‘Everytime’ is about my sad excuse for a love life. I used to be so obsessed with dating and getting validation from guys, but they just kept ghosting me. It got to a point where I realised I needed to accept that I was going to be on my own for a while and might as well start loving my own company. It’s like a sort of love letter to myself, always there to remind me that I am enough and I am exactly what I want.”

Exploring the themes of love and lust, the pop-princess takes her own personal experiences and turns them into a classic, mellow banger. 

Molly Burman’s debut EP ‘Fool Me With Flattery’ is released on the 20th of August via Prolifica Inc. 

Image credit: Dora Paphides 


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