Mouse – ‘Love Me Like You’re Gonna Lose Me’

Ethereal in its sound, Bristol-based Mouse has stepped up her electronica game on her recent track ‘Love Me Like You’re Gonna Lose Me’.

Brimming with stirring melodies and a lofty chorus, the single, taken from her upcoming EP ‘Angels Never Die’ brings the listener on a journey themed with infatuation and pining, backed by a celestial accompaniment of synth-heavy keyboards and ascending scales.

Mouse describes her past-self as introverted and has noted that inspiration came from a vocal teacher’s encouragement to begin posting cover videos online. This motivation truly lit the fuse of Mouse’s desire to begin creating alluring and compelling music.

On ‘Love Me Like You’re Gonna Lose Me’, Mouse purposely avoids all listener assumptions for how the track should sound. By experimenting with timbre and suitably shaking up traditions she creates a barrage of occasionally contrasting but eccentric sounds consciously different to what would usually be heard in modern-day glitch pop. The passion for love and desperation is clear throughout the track and Mouse is ardent to establish herself as an artist with a real fervour for charismatic irregularities.


Harrison Smith

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