Myles Cheshire is set to release ‘Corridors and Faith’

I’m a sucker for an emotional ballad. The ones that are tear inducing, the ones that make you feel like your heart is being pinched but in a good way. Coventry boy Myles Cheshire is set to release his mesmerising, acoustic tune ‘Corridors and Faith’ which is touching and will grip at your heart-strings.

I first listened to it last week, taking in all of the stunning elements of this track. How stunning and soft Cheshire’s voice is, how rusty he sounds and the way his passion seeps through the smooth strumming of the guitar.

And whilst ‘Corridors and Faith’ is lovely on the ears, there’s no doubt that Cheshire has been struggling mentally. “If I were you, I would stay away from me” he sings. Describing the way he’s feeling is a natural talent and he’s twisted it into this piece of art. It’s overwhelmingly sad and beautiful at the same time; it’s produced to perfection, not overdone for an artist who is starting their career with this debut track.

Myles is about to hit a storm of people who can relate to his story, he’s about to fix a few hearts out there.

‘Corridors and Faith’ is out 31st October. 


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