NEEVE – ‘Falling For You’

Shaping music adjacent to the gorgeous synthy works of The 1975 and joan, newcomers NEEVE pack a punch… a drum… and a snare.

Reigning from the south of Germany, two sets of brothers (Felix & Axel, Marius & Phillip) confederate to serve up some silky, lustrous pop moments that follow the reminiscent trend of 80s nostalgia.

Self-produced and written entirely by the band, ‘Falling For You’ is NEEVE’s first drop of 2021 that unleashes a sense of optimism into the air for a new year to be looked forward to, and in NEEVE’s case, a year made even better with a sparkly lover in the picture.

“’FALLING FOR YOU’ is inspired by both Lorde and The 1975. It addresses feelings of wanting to give in and ignore everything happening in the outside world.”

Disguising tender subject matters as energised anthems fit for the discothèque, NEEVE has their very own ‘After Laughter’ up their sleeves; simultaneous dance-weeping is inevitable and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jordan White
Assistant Editor

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