Newcomers Melancholy Ray release their feel-good track ‘New Routine’

Hailing from Leeds, Melancholy Ray have just released their debut single ‘New Routine’ and it instantly brought an old school 2000’s indie disco vibe, reminiscent of the debut album by The Strokes that first got me into catchy, feel-good indie music. You can imagine when things get back to normal, dancing in a sweaty, congested indie nightclub with your mates, one doing the guitar riffs and the other shouting the lyrics, so if you’re looking for music that brings people together, well, maybe this is the song. 

‘New routine’ opens with a distinctive rift that you find yourself tapping to from the get-go, then, take some echoey vocals which are heard at a perfect pitch and that’s the perfect concoction. Lead singer Callum Fewell articulates each word with precision and introduces the story of meeting someone significant in young adulthood whilst wrestling with the good and bad things about what all of it means.

Melancholy Ray are certainly a band to keep an eye on and hold a lot of promise, with 470,000 views on their previous release ‘Quite the Favour’, and they have breathed new light in the indie/alternative industry and it is just what we needed in 2020.


Words: Ryan Cooper 


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