‘Blue’ is the upcoming single by Irish dream-pop band NewDad which tells the story of a divided relationship

The song describes a divide in a relationship. It tells the story from the perspective of someone who wants more, but the other person can’t give it to them. It’s the feeling of holding someone back because you’re feeling too blue.”

‘Blue’ tells a very emotional story, but it is told in the catchiest way possible. The chorus has been stuck in my head for hours and is showing no sign of letting up. These lyrics are complemented perfectly by Julie Dawson’s beautiful and vulnerable vocal performance. 

In spite of the melancholic subject matter and soft vocals, the song remains funky and upbeat. Largely because of the wonderfully groovy bass line. The instrumental feels complex; there are so many different layers that all work so well together, the hard-hitting, funky bass, the soft, clean guitar strums, and the steady drums that keep the song moving all mold so well with the vocals to create an almost otherworldly listening experience.

Written and recorded during lockdown, ‘Blue’ demonstrates the incredible songwriting abilities of NewDad, creating a track that will make you both cry and dance at the same time.






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