Nic Bennett releases emotional tune ‘Letting Go of Giving Up’

‘Letting Go of Giving Up’ is the latest single from Surbiton based singer songwriter Nic Bennett. The mellow track starts off with a wave of ambient synth that swells and builds up beautifully as the vocals begin. The song tells a story of heartache and lost love through its gorgeous lyrics, that are delivered with so much passion. “I could be your protest song” Nic cries as the track grows into a glorious crescendo.  The songwriting reminds me of the likes of Frank Turner and Billy Bragg, writing with such simplicity but gets the emotion across through the delivery of the lyrics.

I love how the song builds up, starting off simple with just piano and Nic’s smooth vocals, then adding in the acoustic guitar. The song hits a high point when the drums kick in and take the track to a whole new level. Before cutting back to simplicity right at the end when we’re left just with Bennett singing delicately over some quiet piano as he tells us “I’m letting go”. Taking the song full circle.

This song was released as the title track of an excellent three song EP! Nic has played massive shows supporting huge bands including The Hoosiers and Temples, and even playing to a sold out crowd at The Bataclan when supporting Morcheeba. This tune is great and I encourage everyone to go and listen to it.

Words: Alex Thomson 


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