Nina Cobham – ‘do you come here often?’

Meet Nina Cobham, purveyor of bedroom pop brilliance.

Coming in at just two and a half minutes, Nina Cobham’s newest offering, do you come here often?’, crams intense strength of feeling into a compact lo-fi gem. Crafted across the span of a year, the track captures the (often uncomfortable) inward-looking thoughtfulness of lockdown.

Manchester-based Nina explains that half of the song’s vocals were recorded in her bedroom during the country’s summer lockdown. This intimacy is at the song’s core, exploring the complex process of evaluating your life and relationships. “It was written about platonic relationships instead of romantic ones, and acknowledging I needed new friends at the time”. Introspection has perhaps been a universal experience for us all this year – confined to our homes, we’ve been reluctantly forced to confront disconcerting emotional home-truths.

True to this experience, do you come here often?’ is best played in your bedroom in the early hours of a hot summer night. Nina’s vocal delivery is distant and muffled as if we’re hearing her thoughts through a tentative late-night phone call. With its emotion stripped bare, the track captures those moments where we’re forced to step back and confront our problems.

Cruising into the chorus, Nina sings “so do you come here often? I could do with new friends”, before candidly listing off her imperfections; she doesn’t feel pretty, she’s unfiltered, and is ultimately looking for someone to “take me as I am”. Alongside the nonchalant-sounding R&B infused production, Nina delivers a verse in her native-Spanish. It’s melancholy, intimate, and most importantly, emotionally charged.

Already with nearly half a million streams on Spotify, Nina Cobham is watching from the sidelines, waiting to take her place at the front and centre of bedroom pop.

Michael Anderson

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