No, guitar bands aren’t dead.

Adam Sherwin’s recently published article for ‘i’ News ‘Are guitar bands officially dead? NME axed & Gibson teeters on the verge of bankruptcy’ has rightly whipped up a bit of storm. There quite literally couldn’t be anything further from the truth about the current state of guitar music in this country. The scene is thriving like never before and guitar bands are reaching a wider and more enthusiastic audience than ever, thanks to the untiring promotion of hard-working bands by the same people who are fulfilling the role that NME, and others like it once performed.

Guitar bands are thriving; you only need to look at the comments under Adam Sherwin’s article and on Twitter to see people listing their favourite up and coming guitar bands; to know that this not a dead genre. There are quite literally hundreds of bands I could list but some of the most mentioned include: Trampolene, SHEAFS, Sisteray, Anteros, Himalayas and Jordan-Allen. All of which are only some great examples of guitar bands with inspired, original tunes and the following to prove that people still care. Whilst people are still listening, guitar music can never be dead.

Go to your local small music venues and bars to find a plethora of new guitar talent. There is so much and most of it so good, something which sadly can’t be said for the genres which Adam, all knowledgeable, declares ‘alive’.

Audiences are bigger and more involved with new guitar bands playing to crowds of hundreds and even thousands thanks to the help of, This Feeling, Red Stripe and Pirate Studios that give new guitar bands the platform they need to grow. But, you don’t need me to tell you that – you probably are one of the hundreds and thousands who buy tickets, go to tiny venues well out of your way and support the new bands coming through. I can remember seeing Vida in Glasgow just over a year ago to what was essentially an empty room. I could count every person in there on my two hands, including the barman. Just nine months later I saw them play to a full capacity crowd of around 300. They are currently on a UK wide tour of sell-outs and near sell-outs. No dead scene could have facilitated such a transformation because it wouldn’t have the talented acts and passionate fans that guitar music undisputedly has.

Even Adam has seen sense and realised just how wrong about guitar music he was… yes Adam, we all saw that you’ve changed your article after the outburst of support for guitar music that has no doubt been filling your twitter mentions since you published the article.

Words: Sophie Shrive

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