North Parade – ‘Never Had A Monday’

Rich in sound, North Parade are back with their brand new single ‘Never Had A Monday’ 

North Parade has combined all the best elements of indie pop and rock to create their new single, ‘Never Had A Monday’. It’s the London four-piece’s first release of 2021 and features a multitude of sounds and styles combined, with synths, guitar, and bass melding together to create an infectiously catchy yet lyrically honest track.

Despite the incredibly dense, thick instrumentation on ‘Never Had A Monday’, each element is clearly distinguishable and plays a key part in the track’s overall positive energy. Frontman Henry Plumridge’s varied vocals, sometimes melting into the production and other times rising above it, are smooth with lyrics that comment on confusion and lack of direction that come with being in your twenties in 2021.

North Parade’s new single is one that easily appeals to any listener due to the sheer richness of its sound and influences. The versatility that the band displayed on the track begs the answer to one burning question: what direction will they take next?


Jack Oxford

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