North Parade – ‘The Longest Party’

Following up from ‘Never Had A Monday’, North Parade unveil their mellow pop tune ‘The Longest Party’ 

Forming in Birmingham and now residing in North London, the four-piece, North Parade are churning out songs one by one and fast. The band pave the way for themselves with their own, personal and unique sound. Just recently releasing ‘Never Had A Monday’, the band go forward and reveal their mellow sounding pop wonder ‘The Longest Party’. 

It’s engraved with smooth vocals, clever lyricisms, and emotional sensibilities. The band takes a turn in their musical and shrugs off the bouncy synths and replaces them with a heart-warming aura.

Written by frontman and lead vocalist Henry Plumridge, he commented on the track, “The title came first. Everything was based around that. There’s a history of the Beatles book somewhere in my house called ‘The Longest Cocktail Party’. I just thought there was something really appealing about the bittersweetness of the phrase”.

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