Novacain – ‘Wasting Time’

Hailing from Portsmouth, Novacain release their high-energy new single ‘Wasting Time’ 

Forming in 2020 and drawing influences from indie-rock icons Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian, the south-coast four-piece Novacain are back with their fun and rather lifting new single ‘Wasting Time’. 

Modern-rock riffs and distorted guitar licks hop alongside the powerful, silky vocals of frontman Dan Mctaggart create a blustering, gut-busting whirlwind of sounds and grooves. ‘Wasting Time’ is bouncy, playful, and laced with personality and charisma. 

When speaking on the track, the band said: “The song is a melancholic reflection on the art of procrastination! It’s basically about looking back at your life so far and evaluating your mistakes in comparison with your achievements. There is a certain element of glorification about wasting time in the song as well, some of these moments where we make the so-called ‘wrong decision’ end up creating the best memories. At the end of the day, we are all just ‘wasting time’ regardless of your life choices or your status in society… it’s all about finding the most entertaining way of doing so!

‘Wasting Time’ will have you jiving and gliding in no time. 



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