Novacane – ‘Bad Breath’

Novacane serves up some rich psych-pop with the nostalgic ‘Bad Breath’.

From the cool river valley of Eugene, Oregon, Novacane greets us with sentimental pop with hints of retro Americana lyricism destined for a mid-summer road trip getaway.

Novacane bloomed the better half of a decade ago by Dylan Latimer, Oliver Lester and Zachary Clifton as they experimented with soundscapes and crafted what is known today as their “Psych Pop” reputation.

‘Bad Breath’ marks the groups return from their brief hiatus after the unleashing of their ‘Comfort Food’ EP in 2019, presenting us with a more fine-lined, polished version of Novacane that they’re eager to show off.

‘Bad Breath’ comes accompanied with a vintage pink-tinged visual you can view below:

Jordan White
Assistant Editor

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