Nowhere To Be Found are “destined to do well” with their latest single ‘Transverse’

Have you been wondering what’s been happening on the alternative metal scene these days? To be honest I think there’s a lack of new bands in this genre. ‘Nowhere To Be Found’ are about to change that – starting as a three-piece in 2014 under the name “Insch”, the band released their debut album in 2016, which was produced entirely by the band and managed to hit the top ten charts in digital sales which is pretty impressive.

Now a four-piece after João Quintais joined the band in 2017, they altered to a heavier sound. Their new album is due to be released in early 2019, with new track “Traverse”.

Mastered by Ted Jensen, a Grammy award winner who has worked with the likes of Deftones who are one of the band’s influences, you know this album is going to be huge. “Traverse” is their first release from the much-awaited second album and is due out on the 7th February.

On first listen, the loud, epic drum beat, atypical of this genre kicks in, chuck in that heavy guitar riff reminiscent of Asking Alexandria/A Day To Remember, it becomes the perfect recipe for an alt-metal track. Layered with a gravel-like vocal over the top, they have also enlisted the vocals of Memphis May Fire’s own Matty Mullins. When you’re getting the guest vocals from a band like that, you’re destined to do well. I can only imagine how great this track sounds live.

This song wouldn’t go a miss at Slam Dunk or Download festival. It’s just a shame Warped Tour is no longer going, as they would fit in perfectly.

Traverse will be available for download from iTunes, Spotify and all major platforms


Words: Lucie Marsh

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