NUUXS – ‘Starship’

NUUXS releases her psychedelic video for new single ‘Starship’ 

London- based singer-songwriter NUUXS has today, released her intergalactic style music video for her most recent pop offering ‘Starship’ taken from her forthcoming album ‘Heirloom’, due in September. 

Capturing the essence of the track itself, the music video consists of colourful layers, visuals, and NUUXS herself in whacky makeup. Escapism at its finest, the talented musician shows true artistry in the meaning to inspire others. Discussing the track, “For me, one of the biggest enticements of music was the escapism of it. ‘Starship’ is really a homage to Star Trek; I loved the concept of how they fight evil forces on their adventures and I feel we’re in the same place with pollution, human and equal rights. It’s about the love we have for the space we live in, yet we still manage as humans to treat it badly,” she said. 

‘Starship’ is the perfect example of a contemporary, stripped-back, pop song that is so eagerly waiting for you to play it. 


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