Ocean Floor – ‘Wet Socks’

The Teesside five-piece bless our ears again with their latest bop ‘Wet Socks’, filling our playlists with a wave of vibrancy.

This latest indie-pop track is jam-packed with jangling guitars, melodic and upbeat vocals, and hoppy beats. ‘Wet Socks’ splashes in the face with a wave of rhythm that makes you feel compelled, leaving you in a frenzy of joy and energy. The track lives up to its expectation of providing a positive and upbeat sound that lets you feel the chemistry of the band, allowing them to welcome you into the Ocean Floor family through the language of a majestic guitar riff, translucent beats, and refreshing vocals.

Having spoken to the band a number of times due to them being an upcoming force in the North East, it is apparent that this is the raw Ocean Floor sound that reflects the joyful chemistry that the band has built itself on; picking a bit from all of their influences to allow a stream of sweet sugar-coated indie-pop to flow into the streaming platforms and into the heads of listeners. Their ripe north-eastern sound has you plunging into a bay of pastel pink, letting the sound just wash up your eardrums. ‘Wet Socks’ is a track that is destined to establish itself as an indie banger as well as cementing itself as part of the neo-shoegaze resurgence.

The shoegazers show off their ability to tighten up a guitar melody as well as exposing a level of melancholic songwriting that makes you hop into a sequence of joy. ‘Wet Socks’ is exactly what we need going into 2021, washing up on the shores of our Spotify playlists to pump that little extra bit of glee into your morning route to work routine.

Fans of JAWS, The 1975, Royston Club, and Room D would appreciate the shoegazing element of this track. Like many of these bands, Ocean Floor have helped establish an aesthetic amongst their loyalists, demonstrating that there’s more than a sound element with the band, but they aren’t shy when it comes to illustrating their creative expertise. Bands like Ocean Floor are the future of the British sound; unleashing a ripe sound and then portraying artist charisma, then cementing a recognisable aesthetic amongst fans and listeners. Ocean Floor are the catalyst in the tidal wave of revolutionary indie-pop.


Jack McKenna

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