Off Bloom “produces an effortless sense of freedom and empowerment” with ‘Love Actually’.

After a string of dance-worthy singles, 2 EP’s and supporting Dua Lipa around Europe last year, the Anglo-Danish Group of producers have released the latest in their collection of hits.

Taking a step back from their usual roots, ‘Love Actually’ opens with a soft tempo beat, consisting of guitar and piano riffs creating a happy sounding melody for the listeners.

The song’s production follows the same pattern through to the chorus where it takes on a stop-start pattern paired with the vocals which flow effortlessly over the production.

The late 90’s sounding track takes influences Natalie Imbruglia and Green Day, an intentional choice made to ‘open up a more organic and fresh sound where all of a sudden everything Is new’.

Lead singer Mett uses her head voice within the chorus to create a more romantic and happy atmosphere. These vocals are contrasted to the raspy chest voice she produces within the chorus and produces an effortless sense of freedom and empowerment.
The song itself focuses on a love so intense that you’re driven to insanity over them, singing ‘My mama said, it’s just temporary, but, baby, I don’t care, to me you’re perfect’.

Touring Europe with Alma this Summer, Off Bloom, are certainly making themselves know and whilst this may not be their best song yet, their tight electronic sounds create a perfect summertime vibe.

Words: Jake Frain

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