(Online) Gig Review: Candid @ The Box

Coventry band Candid take to the stage at The Box for an online gig. 

March the 28th, earlier this year, was meant to be the most important gig of Candid’s career. Unfortunately, the world was thrown into utter turmoil and the iconic Coventry Empire wasn’t going to be full of fans rocking their Candid merchandise and drinking pints of beer, instead, it was canceled and the most gutting thing about it was that the talented group of four couldn’t have their moment to shine on the stage. Now, five months on, they’ve treated us with an hour-long show hosted by the amazing folks at The Box in Fargo Village.

Honestly, it has for a few months now through the most of lockdown, felt strange watching a gig or a small acoustic set from the comforts of my own bed but Candid, last night, gave me the ultimate gig fix that brought me to tears of joy and happiness.

As the blue lights descended over their stage set up and the bright lights of their band name sparkled, eerie beeps and the words “city of Coventry” were spoken and as Candid take great pride of their home, they represent the ‘City of Culture’ perfectly with their energetic guitar music. This was their moment as Rob, Alex, Dan, and Sam graced the stage in their true artistic form.

Frontman Rob greets the people watching at home” Good evening everybody” just before starting with ‘Rumours’. The 2017 release is a Candid classic and the energy is already present as they kick start the set, throwing us deep into a whirlwind of euphoric force. The lads play their instruments, in their own world. It’s like they’ve never stepped off of the stage. And as the song draws to a close, it’s emphasised how great it is for them to be back doing what they love.

“It feels a bit weird, but, it’s bloody great!”

‘Numbers Game’ followed suit, as the lads, full-throttle showed us their stadium-ready tunes – as Rob’s eyes pressed closed, their emotion and raw passion overtook them as they lost themselves in the music. Alex created gut-punching beats on his set of drums as this track oozed with loud sounds, siding with a smooth, subtle bridge. The distorted guitar sounds molded themselves into the set as ‘The Fire’ reigned free in its own pure beauty along with subtle, orange lights that beamed down onto the band. ‘Where Did We Go?’ crept in with its punchy beat and addictive guitar solos.

“This next song is ‘Concrete Jungle’ and it’s all about our beautiful city of Coventry” The momentum carries on with their most-streamed single, the bridge slows down and plummets back into liveliness and force.

Alex, on the drums, takes a solo to himself as he shows off his impeccable talent and frontman Rob’s caramel soft voice echoes down the microphone; ‘Time Will Tell’, another classic is a perfect goosebump-inducing delight – a guitar solo is taken by Dan as the sweat drips down their faces. Their skill and ability is well and truly unmatched as they take this gig in the palm of their hands and perform with everything they have.

Their latest release ‘Pulling Away’ busts its way into the set, heaps of springy sounds of the drums is just about enough for me to groove – the group of four are great showmen as they storm through this arena-ready tune. It’s oozing with slick guitar strums and polished riffs. And, as if hearing their new track wasn’t enough, surprising us with new music is even better. ‘Lost On Me’ is moving and sensitive as Rob sings “going around in circles until we come undone.” And whilst it’s a stunning new road Candid are about to take; they still bathe in their founding sound that everyone knows and loves dearly.

As the gig draws to a ‘supposed’ end, ‘Lay Me Down’, busted its way into the setlist – it was pulsating and springy with an added brisk instrumental at the to create the finale of dreams. As each member concentrated and became out of breath, they finished with a bang. But they weren’t done. Alex and Sam pondered off the stage, Rob and Dan stayed put as an acoustic guitar was handed to the frontman. ‘Through All The Fighting’ toned it down a notch as the melodic strums were soft and silky. This heartwarming track that was originally put up on Rob’s personal Soundcloud has become a fan favourite amongst their followers. It’s a beautiful song that holds an important message.

‘Breathless’ is the final song of the night – an exhilarating tune that paves the way for the perfect and pleasurable ending of this insanely good online gig. And as the last chord is played, they wished their audience well.

“Hopefully we’ll see you next time in person” we hope so too, lads.


Photo Credit: Garry Jones 

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