Only Sun – ‘Extraordinary’

After months of lockdowns, isolation, and extreme introspection, indie quartet Only Sun return with their new single, Extraordinary.

Extraordinary is the anthem for the summer that never was. The song rejoices in the messiness of the human condition, relishing in the chaotic nature of a close friendship. Speaking about the song, the band argue that we’ve all experienced these mania-inducing friendships; you see each other at your worst, you say unforgivable things to one other, and you pull each other away from moments of disaster. Yet still, you stick by each other through thick and thin.

Everyone’s got that friend, right? Maybe we’re just awful humans clinging together like a tangled mess of duct tape in a world of perfect beings. To others, they are an obnoxious mess, but to you they are extraordinary”.

Underscored with nostalgic synth-heavy production, the track is confident, bold, yet has a tender heart. With lyrics about ‘self-destructing on dance-floors,’ the song reminds us of exactly what we’ve been missing this year. It’s about the tumultuousness of young life and those dysfunctional relationships that you still wouldn’t change for the world.

Promising their debut album ‘Tangled Mind in April, Only Sun seem to have a dazzling post-pandemic future ahead of them. If it brings even more of their signature introspection, oozing with raucous charm, we’re surely in for a treat.


Michael Anderson

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