Only Sun – ‘Weird Wins’

Only Sun have returned onto the scene, delivering what is possibly their finest work yet, with storming new single ‘Weird Wins’. This comes ahead of their highly anticipated upcoming debut album release ‘Tangled Minds’ in April.

As a band, they are paving their way in the indie scene, building on classic indie foundations, while establishing their own disco-esque spin on things.

The new track is definitely the four-pieces most connected work so far, setting high hopes for the album to come. The chaotic nature of their sound is reflected through the anarchic yet focused instrumentation and catchy vocals throughout. This tune begs to be shouted back by a buzzing audience in a crowded venue (a sight we are all dreaming of) and will be incredible at live shows we are all anticipating.

The song focuses on the important topic of mental well-being reflecting on the artists’ personal experiences through the course of an eclectic year of mental health. Only Sun said; “I wrote the words to this song last winter when it felt my mind was pulling me in so many directions. I was trying to focus on doing some good, but it was noisy up there. My head was being yanked into different realities and at the mercy of any thought that snuck its way in. Thoughts became personalities, and the personalities became puppeteers who controlled my everyday actions and relationships.

Lyrics such as “because I’ve been taking and taking and flaking out on every promise made” and “I spend most time on the fence because I’m seeking acceptance by suppressing my true feelings there all the time” are a home truth of a ‘tangled mind’ that many of us have dealt with from time to time. The chorus referring to getting better is euphoric and refers to the moment we all hope for.

If there is anything to look forward to this year it is the anticipation of seeing these guys live. I am certain their live shows will create a huge buzz, as this emotive release is almost made for a summer festival singalong. The coming months promise to be full of excitement for Only Sun.


Ashleigh O'Neill

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