Oracle Sisters – ‘The Dandelion’

A jazz-infused dream rock wonderland, this latest track from Oracle Sisters will leave you feeling faux nostalgia for a European city break you never had.

Somehow soulful, psychedelic and airy all at once, ‘The Dandelion’ transports you back in time, using its unconventional influences to create a warmly familiar experience.

The song’s traditional indie rock instrumental line-up is accompanied by a gentle piano, the pièce de résistance which builds an extra level of sophistication and timelessness. The guitar solo towards the end adds yet another layer to ‘The Dandelion’, reminding us that Oracle Sisters aren’t confined by the boundaries of genre.

Speaking on the track, the band said: “The song is inspired by Chet Baker’s singing, with a sort of disco backbeat behind it.” Showing off the trio’s passion for visual arts, ‘The Dandelion’ is accompanied by a black and white music video shot on double 8mm film. Here they have captured the essence of Paris, taking you on an authentic tour of the city’s gothic nuances and unashamed romanticism through a vintage, grainy lens.

Oracle Sisters don’t lie when they sing “The Dandelion gets the silence in your soul,” as they succeed in soothing listeners by pumping a hint of gentle optimism into an otherwise dreary winter. ‘The Dandelion’ is just the first taste of what Oracle sisters have in store for the future, with their next EP ‘Paris II’ anticipated for Spring 2021.

Until then, we’ll have ‘The Dandelion’ on repeat, waiting eagerly for more hypnotic melodies to whisk us away.

Evie Barrett

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