Our Track Of The Week(ish) is Charli XCX

It’s time for Track Of The Week! For a track that came out last week. But it needs discussing so we’ll call it, Track Of The Last 2 Weeks! That works doesn’t it? What, you want Track Of THIS Week? What would you pick? Yep exactly, I can’t see any great entries either. Look, we all have quiet weeks and that’s fine!

On the 6th of July, 2017, Cambridge born dance-pop queen Charli XCX eradicated the entire year of chart hits with the the most simple yet fun pop track created, ‘Boys’, where she got everyone busy thinkin’ about boys, boys, boys. 365 days later however, she releases ‘Girls Night Out’, where she’s changed her mind and decided that actually, she wants ‘No boys no boys’. And why should she? Not even I want boys out when I’m in the club. But that’s another story for another time. This is exactly what Charli XCX’s ethos is about: HAVING FUN AND SHOWING IT.

I’ve listened to Charli XCX for nearly a decade now and she has constantly evolved and experimented and progressed up to the point of where I THOUGHT (key term here) she had peaked with pop punk catalogue, Sucker. As soon as I heard the thunderous intro of that album, I never wanted that album to end, I still don’t, I thought (remember, key term) that that was it for her, she couldn’t get better than that. OH HOW WRONG I WAS.

Girls Night Out is atop an incredibly busy season for Charli, following extremely well received Focus, No Angel and 5 In The Morning, in between touring the globe with Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello, and out of all that, she’s somehow managed to co-create a bubblegum anthem with SOPHIE that is as colourful and fun as the most sugary and unpretentious hits of the 80s. This SCREAMS Cyndi Lauper and early Madonna and this track is just what the current climate needs – to have everything painted in fruit shoot vibrancy.

The opening seconds thump you in the face like a brick wall and you can’t help feel you’re getting ready for a party with all of your pals, it makes you howl for the weekend to come back round. By the time you sink into the bassline and the candied synths welcome you, you’re already into the mind set that you’re off out for a night with Charli and the girls as the inclusive line ‘Don’t wait to live it up tonight, it’s a girl’s night out’ pulls you in.

Charli singing ‘No boys no boys’ will be repeated in group chats and WhatsApp messages for years to come between girls that can’t wait to get together and rule the world on that night. It’s simple, meaningful, harmless and needed.

And that’s essentially it. Like Boys, it doesn’t pretend it’s something it’s not, it proves that you can have a simple writing process for a pop anthem for it to be perfect. It’s not fussy, it’s neat, and yet the lyrics want you as a person to be messy, fun, and colourful. And that’s what everyone needs right now. When Charli sings ‘I can’t wait to live it up tonight’, I can do nothing but agree and you will too.

Words: Roscoe Martin

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