Overpass – ‘Otherside of Midnight’

Overpass return with their first single of the year ‘Otherside of Midnight’

Overpass return with their second single ‘Otherside of Midnight’ and much like their debut, it’s a huge indie anthem. For this track though, the band step away from the lovey-dovey of teenage lust and take an approach on mental health. Having to watch your friend or someone you know the struggle and not knowing how to help is gut-wrenching but you have to try.

Aside from the slightly melancholic subject is high-energy music, raving guitar riffs that ramp it up and give it the oomph. “Empathetic” are Max Newbold’s words and of course, his vocals are heavenly and, harmonic during the chorus, he makes sure to tick all boxes that needs be to hold up indie anthem status though, how could he not on a tune like this?

The young Brummies are on a road to success with the amount of love and positive support they received on their debut and even more so now, especially being able to write such an important track like ‘Otherside of Midnight’.

Only expect big things from Overpass in the future.


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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