Parade – ‘A Fear Of Living’

Coventry’s finest, Parade are back with their uplifting new offering ‘A Fear Of Living’ 

Coventry three-piece, Parade are simultaneously recognised for their upbeat, fun, alluring music and the areas’ finest synth band are known to not shy away from experimenting with different sounds and genres. Their most recent single ‘Attack!’ was a whirlwind of powerful, distorted guitar licks and seductive vocals from frontman Paul Watters. 

“If we can turn back time, I can change your mind.” 

Bouncing back to their synth roots, Parade offers up their new single ‘A Fear Of Living’ that is a bundle of joy and a hard-hitting, stylish tune. It’s oozing with addictive beats and relatable lyrics engraved within this spontaneously awesome song. ‘A Fear Of Living’ is an authentic track that shows Parade’s potential, they constantly pull it out of the bag with every single release they do and their bounce and enthusiasm are second to none. They’re putting the Midlands music scene back onto the map. 





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