Parade are set to release fan favourite ‘Attack!’

If you’ve ever seen Parade at a show, you would’ve heard them playing an upbeat, rock tune which you can never find scrolling down their artist profile on Apple Music or Spotify and it leaves you wondering, “was that a cover I’ve never heard before?” or “is that an unreleased Parade song?” because trust me, I thought that too. I came to discover, that, this is an old song by Parade named ‘Attack!’, formerly known as Russian Gun Dogs, created eight years ago and popped onto Soundcloud as a demo.. pretty cool huh?

I’ve watched Parade perform this song at the back of pubs, in historic venues and down a set of stairs at bars in London and every time ‘Attack!’ is played, the intro begins and it’s a gut-busting bop that radiates energy with it’s distorted style. Parade are practically unrecognisable when it comes to this song and it’s a side you never see of them. a hard, aggressive aura that circles around the band and it’s refreshing.

Since they introduced this to their crowds, it’s become a fan favourite so without further a do, they are releasing it to the wild with style.

The new and improved version of ‘Attack!’ is stripped back and clean. Keeping the original distorted, jagged sounds, it’s now bathed in synth-tastic tones, woven around alluring vocals by front-man Paul Watters. It’s a spotless new rendition that is still as sprightly as the original. The drum beats are enticing, and the thunderous storm at the end of the track doesn’t need many words to describe how hard hitting and spectacular it is. It completes the number – it’s like a dream and everybody wants more, more, more of Parade!


Words: Geo Blackman 

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