Paraffin – ‘Blow Up’

Paraffin are set to make a massive return with their new electric single ‘Blow Up’, and it’s quite literally about to blow up.

Opening with seriously scratchy and distorted guitar riffs and sounds that anybody can come to love; the track throws you into the deep end and sets its self up for success. Licked with lyrics of solidarity “Don’t tell me where I’m supposed to go, cos’ I’ll stand here on my own”. Frontman Billy Tee voices the strength of their powerful independence which is followed by a furious guitar section during the electrifying bridge – the track almost blows up with confidence – it’s practically beaming. 

Billy’s vocals combine with Guitarist Tom Chapman’s almost unrivaled string skills to create something of a mash-up between a classic rock anthem and an indie, guitar-heavy banger which is out of this world.

Drums that fit perfectly, wild riffs, and lyrics that give the song some razzle-dazzle; it comes together perfectly and the song is written undeniably well. ‘Blow Up’ presents the bands’ incredible versatility and skills off just wonderfully. 

Paraffin’s track ‘Blow Up’ is released on the 25th of September on all major streaming platforms. 

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor


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