Paris Youth Foundation at The Camden Assembly

When a friend says he’s got a spare ticket to gig and do you want to go, you never say no. On this occasion it was to see Paris Youth Foundation, who I’d only heard good things about!

The first support band were called Austel, in their words “St Austell without the extra L and religion”. This was their first ever gig and you wouldn’t have been able to tell, they have sort of London Grammar/Lucy Rose sound to them. Their set was very atmospheric and chilled, I’m excited to see what’s more to come from these guys.

The next support band was Safe to Swim, completely different vibe to Austel. They didn’t start off strong but definitely grew into their set, however the singer had great energy through out and I think they had great potential. Their sound reminded me of The Drums, quite catchy and easy to dance a long to, great to get you in the mood for the main band.

Now to Liverpudlian five piece Paris Youth Foundation, they opened with track “If you wanna”, this is a great track and the energy in the venue erupted. They commanded everyone in the crowd’s attention and had everyone dancing. I was lucky enough to catch their first ever headline London show, I found them infectious and they oozed cool.

Singer, Kevin, looked right at home on stage and worked the crowd well, doing a poll to work out which song to play last, showing they already had a substantial following at this gig and I’ve clearly been missing out. The NME has called their sound “Like all your favourite indie bands rolled into one. Think The Strokes meet Wolf Alice, and you’re halfway there”, and I agree. I can see myself dancing to them in a tent at a music festival, cider in hand, which conveniently they have been announced for both Sound city and and Y-Not festival so definitely check them out if you are going to either of those. Top tracks to check out are “London” or “If you wanna”. Lads if you read this, crack on with a record please!

Lets just say, indie certainly isn’t dead.

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