Phantom Isle – ‘Mar V’

North London four-piece Phantom Isle have released their latest single ‘Mar V’ and offers some of their most capturing material yet.

Contrasting the soft, dreamy feel of the band’s early 2020 single, ‘I Am Urs’, ‘Mar V’ creates a whole new direction for the group.

From the start you know you need to continue listening, as the suspense is rife within the first seconds, and the beat begins to kick-in, they deliver exactly what you were waiting for, but with a twist; the track presents pop-rock sounds in a psychedelic format, littered with synths and blistering guitar riffs, but with the band’s unique edge added.

Intertwining with an explicit 70’s feel to it, but still with a strong sinister element, ‘Mar V’ ultimately offers a whole new take on dance-music; a dark style. It’s an unmissable track in the band’s growing back-catalogue of singles.

Danni King

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