Pigeonhole – ‘Hollywood, LA, Pt. 1’

London eight-piece Pigeonhole graces the sound waves with the first half of their seemingly mysterious tale ‘Hollywood, LA’.

After listening to ‘Hollywood, LA Pt.1’ back in May this year, of course, we were all would be hoping for another part of the concept that Pigeonhole have shared. They’re a part of these really exciting up and coming post-punk bands that are expanding the norm of the genre.

A powerful opening line offers a very lucid and eye-opening thought “How can anything change, if we all just stay the same?”  Setting a strong tone for the track, it acknowledges and almost gives a middle finger to being stagnant in anything. Pigeonhole are masters of storytelling in their tunes and this isn’t an exception. The bridge takes a sharp turn into a psychedelic setting with sounds that make you feel like you’re floating, partnered with a monologue that sends the room into a dramatic mood. “As I look in to those mirrored eyes, I see a reflection of England, truthfully glaring back at me in the night sky” / “she stares in to that sky, and in a ray of light, she sees everything and everyone that she’s ever known or loved”.

I admire how mysterious the lyrics are at first and then comes the bridge, the idea of self-reflection and growth links back to the very first line. The band have managed to paint a picture through a series of tone and pace changes, thinking outside the box at its finest.


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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