MONOKINO is set to share brand new single ‘Bend Or Break’ 

As part of a cultural music exchange between the Netherlands and the UK, Dutch composer Monokino is set to release a brand new single ‘Bend Or Break’ as part of this exciting new exchange, and project with the UK. 

‘Bend Or Break’ is a rather different sounding offering that captures unique vocals including high tones, wrapped around low-key bass lines and distorted guitar licks. Monokino offers a large range of odd-pop sounds that are designed to push boundaries with added synth infusions. 

Speaking on the track, George said: “The inspiration for the song came when I stopped reading the forwarded articles from my Whatsapp contacts, messages about the number of covid deaths, the IQ of Trump, about how efficiently they respond to the pandemic in Southeast Asia and how stupid the Netherlands is… I longed for a time when we were talking about things with common sense and our common stance about that we do not need to explain, rationalize, or quote someone else, or know everything. When all the information comes to you and supposedly refers to experts, how do you still think independently?

‘Bend Or Break’ is out on all streaming platforms on the 29th of January. You can watch the music video below. 


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