PREMIERE: Oscar Dylan – how do you sleep at night?

It’s not often I sit and enjoy listening to pop music, it’s not that I don’t like it, I just have to be in a certain mood or mindset to get grips on it. But a few days ago I was made aware of an upcoming artist, Oscar Dylan. After teasing a debut single online and attaching a snippet of a music video – I had to find out more because, as soon as I heard the small clip, I couldn’t get the repetitive dance, pop beat out of my head. 

Oscar Dylan is a DIY artist who has started to produce his own music and now he’s just kicking off his career, he’s handing us a stainless debut single in the midst of things. 

‘how do you sleep at night?’ is a perfect song for a rainy day. The beat has an attitude but on the other hand, it’s pleasing to listen to. In fact, it’s soothing and downright pleasurable. The punchy riffs and memorable lyrics are, on their own, something that will stand out to you. You’ll hear it and think of Oscar. 

“Is that Oscar Dylan’s single, ‘how do you sleep at night?’ on the radio?” The answer will be yes. 

It doesn’t stop there though, the music video is aesthetically beautiful and shows his personality perfectly – his vision to succeed is inspiring and so are the visuals. 

‘how do you sleep at night?’ will be available on all streaming platforms on May 3rd and you can catch the premiere of the music video on the link below. 

Photo credits: Lola Dmitrieva 

Words: Geo Blackman 

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