PREMIERE: The Lonely Surf – ‘Losing It’

Formerly known as Death By Shotgun, wavy-punk innovators, The Lonely Surf embark on their new journey as they’re set to release their brand new debut single ‘Losing It’ on Friday the 13th November. 

Writing their debut track just before lockdown, their sound has been captured and it’s flawless.

‘Losing It’ opens with glistening sounds before being pelted into an energetic whirlwind and accelerated verse before being slung into the fun, punk-infused chorus. The smooth, perfect production of the track and the message that explores themes of not having your life together and not always being able to control it has a sense of community – especially during the pandemic we’re all having to endure is a great mixture to escape from reality. 

Lead singer Dom Write says: “The main inspiration for this track was just being in a weird headspace and various life experiences that formed the basis for the lyrics. I’d say the likes of The Wombats, The Menzingers, and The Cribs were all the main inspirations for this one. The song is about being unhappy and relying on other things to try and make yourself feel good. It’s about descending into a sort of chaos – which is always fun at the time but so exhausting in the long run.”

The Loney Surf’s debut single ‘Losing It’ is out on all major streaming platforms on the 13th of November, but you can listen here exclusively: 



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