PREMIERE: The Underclass release ‘For You’

Stoke-On-Trent is acclaimed for its history of pottery and ceramics, the six towns, cheap drinks and whenever you speak to a Stokie, they tend to bring up Robbie Williams, somehow. That is still the only thing currently that keeps the city alive and quite frankly, that’s sad.

There is a couple of things to celebrate about this under appreciated place that I call home, which is the small music venues that are in the heart of Stoke, The Sugarmill, it holds the title of the world stickiest floor and The Underground, yeah, that holds the same title too. The small bands who work extremely hard and do their best to attempt to put this archaic place back on the map are very important too – The Underclass, a band consisting of five young boys who frequently perform around the city and whom have a sense of hope for this extremely small scene.

Most recent single ‘Bring It’ was a hard hitting stomach buster, filled with viscous but passionate vocals joined by a slick guitar solo.

“Then we’ll take over this world!”

(You just might do that boys, with your new one!)

The Underclass’ new track “For You” has been highly anticipated for weeks and it’s finally here, bigger and better. It’s not as dramatic as “Bring It” but there’s clearly progression. It’s lighter on the ears and acoustic guitars are laced with smoother vocals, it’s very much a classic Oasis brit-pop style infused indie tune along with catchy riffs to finish. It’s a brilliant song from a group of hard working boys whose career has only just begun, and what better way to start other than shaping Stoke’s scene and putting it back on the map where it belongs?¬†

Words: Geo Blackman 

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