Coventry newcomers, HEALS are set to release their Foals infused style tune ‘BAR FLY’ and we chat with them about it. 

It’s not every day you get to sit down and hear a song that is completely unreleased and has multiple genres laced together that are the complete opposite to each other, one’s that work, anyway. Newcomers and four-piece HEALS, from West Midlands music hotspot, Coventry, are set to release their incredible debut single ‘BAR FLY’ tomorrow, just in time for the Halloween drinks to begin. 

Upon introduction to ‘BAR FLY’, slick, euphoric guitar licks are oozing with a rather huge Foals influence. Think of a perfect interlude and the stripped back delights that Yannis and co. create and that’s what you’re presented with. 

Each verse is tainted with distorted vocals and pop-punk elements are raw and filled with turbulence, meanwhile, comforting riffs are piecing together these genres to make a huge, boisterous tune that doesn’t take its foot off the pedal; as the bass hums its way through the track. 

We got to chat with the group of four about ‘BAR FLY’ and how they got together – check it out below:

First off, how did you guys form? Were you school friends or did you just know each other? Talk us through it…

Sam and Joey have been writing and playing together for a while. At the start of this year and after a few introductions, Ali and Harrison joined and everything fell into place. Now we’re all compadres for life.

You’re a new band from Coventry and there’s an amazing music scene within your home city – do you think you will fit in?

Definitely, we admire what other bands have done and are currently doing for the local scene, but we’re excited to try and offer a fresh new direction for it.

Speaking of the music scene in Coventry and its surrounding areas, which bands would you play a show with?

We’re keen to play with anyone at all, we have some friends in local bands and hope to play some (distanced) shows as soon as we can.

‘BAR FLY’ is your new single which is set to be released on Halloween – upon the first listen, there was a massive vibe that consisted of Foals-esque sounds and anthemic sounds. How does it feel to be compared to Foals for your debut single?

We love what Foals do, and do draw some elements from them! But we want to make our own atmosphere, experimenting with various genres to create a heavy new sound, we’re all fans of loads of different genres and hope to show that in our music.

What’s the true meaning behind ‘BAR FLY’?

‘Bar Fly’ is a blurry tale of an alcoholic wanderer, stumbling between bars, and preaching nonsense from each barstool he sits on.

There are so many sounds and different styles within your debut tune, does it sound like what you had hoped for as a band?

We always knew that we wanted to make something that defines us as something new, and we think that we’ve achieved that, there’s plenty more to come.

What are your future plans?

Our future plans consist of playing the biggest tunes you’ll ever hear, ones that even your nan can jam to (if she’s down)






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