Public Body – ‘Ask Me Later’

Neatly wrapped and wonderfully conveyed Public Body deliver their new single ‘Ask Me Later’ in a perfect post-punk package. They return for the third time this year with this banger and it definitely stays true to their sound!

Vocalist Seb Gilmore makes the simplicities in life sound impactful and the everyday activities extravagant. Seeming to have found a way to deconstruct tasks in our heads by combining the idea of them with their punchy post-punk tone. The rapid pace of the song accelerated the thought process of the lyrics for me which I find absolutely brilliant. I find that a lot of bands can struggle with matching an intense pace with more mundane subjects, but they’ve hit the nail on the head!

Somehow managing to fit such belting drums and rich riffs into a cohesive three and a half minute track we’re nothing short of delighted with this banger. Keep an eye on Public Body within the next year for their second EP to be released.

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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