Quarantine Discoveries

As with most people, I have very suddenly found myself with a whole lot of free time. A lot of this has been spent browsing through Spotify, trying to find new and exciting bands to listen to. Here are a few of my favourites that I’ve found: 



Hailing from Limerick City, this alt-rock four piece is really one to watch. Their two EP’s ‘Buzz Buzz’ and ‘Denture Adventure’ are filled to the brim with clever lyrics about Tommy Wisaeu, dentistry and their own personal well being. The lyrics are combined wonderfully with the incredibly groovy alt rock instrumental. I also have to add, in my opinion, any band who have the courage to include a scat solo into one of their songs deserves all the praise in the world.


Do Nothing

I first listened to Do Nothing when I saw their name on the Truck Festival lineup, I was instantly hooked. Their fierce, understated instrumentals work perfectly to complement frontman Chris Bailey’s aggressive vocal performance. Their new EP “Zero Dollar Bill” encapsulates everything I love about their music, sharp witty lyricism, harsh instrumental that wouldn’t sound out of place in the 1970s punk scene, and catchy melodies that are constantly stuck in my head. I haven’t been this excited about a new band in a long long time.


Walt Disco

My first taste of Glasgow band Walt Disco was their ridiculously catchy track “My Pop Sensibilities”. During the intro I found myself tapping my foot to the wonderfully funky guitar/synth riff, then the vocals began and I was completely blown away. Frontman James Potter provides some of the most theatrical vocal work I have ever heard, it really gives their music an edge that so many bands lack. Their latest track, Cut Your Hair is led by an unbelievable bass riff that really makes you want to get up and dance. As soon as the live music scene is back up and running I will be going to see these guys.



Okay, I have to admit, Feet have been on my radar for quite a while. I saw them at Truck Festival last year and was really impressed by their performance. This past few weeks however is the first time I’ve sat down and given them a proper listen. Their 2019 album, ‘What’s Inside is More Than Just Ham’ is without doubt one of my favourite albums released last year. Their music has the perfect mix of incredibly danceable bass lines and harsh, punk fueled guitar riffs. On top of all that the lyrics and vocal delivery are really special and help to make Feet one of the most exhilarating live bands in the UK right now.


Dry Cleaning

South London four piece Dry Cleaning combine jangly Johnny Marr esque guitar work with spoken word vocals to create a listening experience like no other. This unique delivery really gives the listener an opportunity to focus on the wonderful lyrics, which include topics such as spitting cum onto the carpet of a travel lodge, being followed by porn accounts on Instagram and an imaginary romance with Daniel Day-Lewis. 


Words: Alex Thomson

Photo of Walt Disco: Jenn Five 

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