RAE release their debut track ‘Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt’

If you need some bad bitch vibes in your life, RAE formerly known as Ørmstons, have released their debut track ‘Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt’;  under their new name and rebranding which they announced back in January. 

Their new chapter has found the group of four creating and innovating new sounds and also experimenting with their style. Going from an indie, pop perspective, their debut single ‘Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt’ is heavy, they have an attitude and pent up anger which has been splurged into song form and it’s a truly gut-busting new track which seeps emotion and courage. 

Having written this song about relationships, friendships, and karma, there’s no doubt as to why this song is passionate and rowdy, there’s so much to be said and they said it. Frontwoman, Jess Huxam’s vocals are extraordinary, it oozes zest, raspiness, and honesty as the track itself causes a storm of rebellion. 

RAE have started their new chapter in the most perfect of ways, with such a strong head start, they’re destined to sell-out shows, have audiences singing back to their music and to create music that will live on, forever. 


Words: Geo Blackman 

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