Ready Steady Die! – ‘Deep’

British-American electronic duo, Ready Steady Die! provides a beautifully dark twist on their debut release.

Electronic music duo comprising of Morgan Visconti (composer, producer, vocals) and Sam K (composer, vocals) make up the extraordinary dark, intense ideology pulls them away from the modern-day sounds of today. Ready, Steady, Die! are certainly worth getting behind.

Based between New York and London, respectively, Visconti (Son of well-known Bowie and T-rex producer Morgan Visconti) and Sam K have been itching to do a project together and this is the outcome:  Their music is reminiscent of the likes of Massive Attack, Muse and Depeche Mode, synth bass and eerie lyrics set them aside from most bands today.

‘Deep’ is the first installment of the album ‘Pleasure Ride’ with a hard-hitting, pulsating drum beat, minor electronic strings, mixed with Sam’s deep, haunting voice which beautifully sits on top to create their magical, signature sound. The chorus follows on beautifully with overpowering bass synths brings everything perfectly together along with the haunting vocals of ‘Yours will be done’.

It is evident that Ready, Steady, Die! have a huge amount to offer in which I’m sure will break through the modern mold of the electronic genre.

Their album ‘Pleasure Ride’ will be released on the 14th of August, here is the link below, be sure to check it out.


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