Riscas return with ‘Cool to Chill With’

The Birmingham boys make a surprising return with their new direction and fresh single ‘Cool to Chill With’

After a radio silent 2019 working on new music, it has clearly paid off with the exciting new single from Riscas, hopefully the start of the band forging their new pathway of sound. The four-piece thrive off their indie-pop routes and adding their own exclusive tropical edge, evident in their new track.

Riscas themselves have described the song as something they “feel represents [them] at this point in [their] progression as a band.” This gives the impression we can expect more of the indie-jazz blend ‘Cool to Chill With’ which provides the relaxed, free and easy atmosphere it exhibits. The track platforms the hybrid of sounds and influences that inspire the band, drawing in elements of Vampire Weekend all the way to the likes of The 1975.

You’ll find the new track on Spotify’s own editorial playlists “Indie Party” and “Feel-Good Indie Rock” where the band make frequent appearances. Previously supporting indie heavyweights like Sam Fender and The Night Café it seems to only be going up for the Birmingham band as 2020 looks to be a huge year of growth.

Words: Sam Norman 



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