Rita Ora’s ‘Girls’ – A bisexual summer anthem

Much like other artists, Rita Ora releases ‘Girls’ the follow up single to the top 10 singles ‘Anywhere’ and ‘Your song’ and continues on the #20GAYteen theme many artists are exploring and embracing.

‘Girls’ features the ‘it girls’ of 2018, featuring Charli XCX, Bebe Rexha and Cardi B and is an anthem full of bisexual innuendos and focuses on the exploration of someone of the same gender.

The dark, synth filled song opens with the line ‘Her name is Lara, we learned a lot ah, how we do it, like we do, it like we wanna’ and Rita is almost spitting bars over the melody of the track, whilst also exploring her entire vocal range. Rita shows her  true potential as an established artist that is able to use her platform to support all types of fans ‘I ain’t one sided, I’m open minded’.

This is closely followed by Charli XCX’s feature where her high, robotic vocal effects we are used seeing in her songs are stripped back to reveal a soft vocal flow which is able to blend seamlessly into the tracks edgy production. As the first chorus opens the true meaning of the song is revealed. ‘Sometimes I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls’ sees Ora and XCX harmonising together effortlessly to the track, that which could be seen in their previous 2015 collaboration.

The second verse showcases Bebe’s raunchy vocals expelling over the track. Cardi B’s rap essentially brings the whole aspect and purpose of the song together ‘I could be your lipstick for just one night’ and creates humour and brings a light side to sexual fluidity.

The production of the track is flawless and the vocals from all artists are executed perfectly. Whilst the lyrics may raise an eyebrow or two, Ora stated that she wanted an anthem ‘inspired by all the strong women I’ve seen who aren’t afraid to be themselves’ that is ‘a celebration of love’.

With Ora embarking on her sold out European Tour in the summertime, girl power collaboration ‘Girls’ may just be her fifth number one single.


Words: Jake Frain

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