Rookie – ‘Criminally Underrated’

Packing a punch, Birmingham four-piece Rookie make a beeline for progression, as they release their brand new single ‘Criminally Underrated’ 

Since forming, Rookie have focussed on gripping their own sound, they’ve focussed on creating riff-stomping tunes that blow the roof off of a venue – their new offering ‘Criminally Underrated’ offers just that. The Birmingham four have made a beeline for progression musically, with their slick guitar solos, arena-ready thumps, and hard-hitting vocals. 

‘Criminally Underrated’ has sparks of pop-punk tones, infused with loud, alternative riffs, it’s a step in the right direction for the upbeat group as they go ahead and create some of their most impressive music yet. These lads have the right attitude and right style to be one of the faces of the upcoming music scene in the UK. 



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