Sad Boys Club – ’25’

London indie-rockers, Sad Boys Club release their infectious new single ’25’  


London Indie rockers, Sad Boys Club have released their latest anthem, ‘25′ where lyrics from frontman Jacob Wheldon fantasise about having big dreams and being in love, and how achieving what you want to is never easy. Wheldon sings, “She talks about boys in other bands’ / ‘But I don’t think she understands what she signed in my brain scan.” Here he is in a difficult and emotionally straining position.

Then, being launched into the first of many massive and infectious choruses where it’s a reminder that Jacob is 25 but still has big and wild dreams – musically this song is equally as good, with soaring guitars and echoing drums this song certainly does not disappoint when another turn is taken, when we are pleasantly surprised by a brass section lead by brilliant trumpets as we are fired into a brilliantly mixed bridge full of electronic pop riffs that see us into the finale of a fantastic journey of a song. 


Jack Horsley

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