Sad Boys Club – ‘Could Have Beens (& What Ifs)

London-based Sad Boys Club are back and better than ever with their new track ’Could Have Beens (& What Ifs)’. The quartet has placed the second jigsaw piece to the puzzle, after the release of their previous single ‘25’, back in October 2020.

Sad Boys Club embraces the things they grew up with, in this track, from the genres to their teenage idols, whom they wore on their sleeves. Melodic post-emo vocals, captivating guitar, which mixes perfectly with the drums and an unforgettable backing track with a beat that steadily intensifies, coinciding with frontman Jacob Wheldon begging that “I cannot do this myself”, exaggerating how alone he feels. The four piece’s ability to produce immense choruses that include a passionate sucker punch, as well as the foreboding of relatable anxieties and struggles in.

Speaking on this vocal new track, frontman Jacob Wheldon expresses “Pedro and I share in our sense of otherness. It’s something we take pride in but it’s something that’s tested us both recently – he as a Brazilian immigrant, myself as a Jew.” He explains that “the country has at times felt so hostile, isolating, alienating, foreign, whatever; this is as much about friends as it is Farage. Navigating what to be vocal about, when to be vocal about it, and how to be vocal about it… it’s weird to have to worry about that in the place you call home.”

You have to choose something to sacrifice or it gets chosen for you – I think that can be an area in which darkness thrives but in the effort to find your own peace with it you learn a lot about yourself and the people around you. Chris thought it was about girls though and I don’t want to take that away from him so it can be about that if it works for you!


Imogen May

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