Sam Lambeth – ‘The King (You and Me)’

A small stroke between a simple, heartfelt pop song and a folk-inspired, mellow breeze, Sam Lambeth makes his return with brand new single ‘The King (You and Me)’

Embarking on his solo career and new, exciting endeavours, Lambeth becomes best friends with his guitar in his new single ‘The King (You and Me)’. Since writing this song just shy of ten years ago, his debut single ‘When Love Ain’t Enough’ wracked up an impressive fifty-thousand streams on Spotify, which saw him making waves and bounding into the music scene as a solo artist. 

Expanding on his sound and experimenting with a light, and simple melody, Sam Lambeth has written a gorgeous long song that is a homage to quite a few things – such as, a former lover, his hometown, and a long-lost friend that sends out a message full of different emotions like acceptance and, frustration. His intricate lyricisms tend to resonate with anyone who feels the same way as him. It’s a strong-willed track filled that oozes character. 



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