Sam Lambeth – ‘When I’m With You’

Singer-songwriter Sam Lambeth is back with the third single ‘When I’m With You’ taken from his forthcoming album.

The man who is understandably recognised as the male Taylor Swift continues to align with this comparison with his latest thought-provoking release. Although a little slower than the previous singles, he is still demonstrating his talent and flair for anthemics whilst aligning to the theme of alt-country and Americana. 

 Lambeth says “When I’m With You has always been a song of imagination, of wonder, of magic. It takes me to different corners of the world every time I hear it.” He strives for his listeners to feel this same level of emotion when listening for themselves. As a listener you travel through a journey of various emotions when listening to ‘When I’m With You’ , allowing you to be carried away into your imagination and truly connect with your feelings and emotions. The song is well refined both musically and lyrically, with catchy melodies and expressive lyricisms. Lyrically ‘When I’m With You’ seems to represent a journey of self-doubt, excitement, fear, and contentment during life, but Lambeth suggests that “It can mean something different to everybody. It’s about the decisions we make, right or wrong, and the paths we take.

Sam Lambeth has certainly refined his style with his recent releases and captured the avenue he wants to pursue as a solo artist. He is definitely one to watch as he continues to prove he is capable of amazing things through his stunning vocals, and lyrics with the capacity to resonate with almost anything you may be feeling.

Image credit: Paul Reynolds

Ashleigh O'Neill


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