Scott Curwen – ‘Stop The Rain’

After Scott Curwen’s successful debut single ‘Out Of Reach’, he releases his second offering ‘Stop The Rain’. 

North London dreamboat Scott Curwen’s debut single ‘Out Of Reach’ was a huge success, it was a confident masterpiece where Curwen was able to show his newfound listeners exactly what he can do. With strong vocals and a layered backing track that added some oomf, he was set to take over the world with his perfect indie music. 

Scott’s second offering ‘Stop The Rain’ [STR] is a charming piece of art that includes experimental layers of sounds that an indie artist doesn’t tend to use – folk-infused beats and caramel soft vocals, that are not your typical distorted and raw sounds that pave their way in the name of indie music. Curwen is creating his own legacy

‘Stop The Rain’ shows progression, character, and maturity. As he sings “Time has taken its toll, my only hope is that things will get better”, it represents the current climate perfectly, and as he reaches out to his listeners in a bid that everything will improve within time, he holds them in his arms in a hope that his music will support them too. 


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