Seeb and Dagny ‘Drink About’ is a summer hit.

The Norwegian Trio is here and has enlisted model and singer Dagny on their newest track entitled ‘Drink About’, set as the lead single from their upcoming debut EP ‘Nice To Meet You’. Opening with piano, the song quickly breaks into a modest yet traditional summer vibe, exemplifying bouncy synth sounds underneath a steady production. The style itself may now be outplayed and relatively boring in a world of ever-adapting Pop/Dance music the calmness of the piano at the start of each verse break up the harshly overplayed production into something softer.

The real highlight of the song is the feature. Whilst Seeb may have not impressed us with their sounds and simplicity of the lyrics, Dagny an artist who truly at the start of her career is able to present her voice in a strong powerful way that commands the track and almost lowers the effect of the production. Her raspy voice flows over the track and blends itself perfectly into the track.

Being her first venture into the EDM, Tropical House sounds her voice is able to stand out for itself and the sounds suit her voice relatively well.

Whilst we’re not expecting this song to break records or even the charts, the tune is a nice song to include in a summertime playlist whilst drinking with friends and is a nice addition to their discography.

Words: Jake Frain

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