Shader release their energetic single ‘Time Is Right’

There’s a lot of music out there, and so many bands battling for the spotlight, especially surrounding indie music and the ever-growing scene and it can become extremely boring and painful trying to discover a band who have energy and bring undoubtable catchy tunes to the table, but, fear not – we recently discovered North-West based band, Shader.

Currently number three in the UK physical singles chart, these lads are destined for success, their newly released single ‘Time Is Right’ is full of different ingredients, gritty vocals that are powerful, they’re raw and charged combined with slick, pulsing riffs and a springy vibe that radiates and gleams from their most recent tune. There’s no ignoring the extreme feeling of euphoria when the chorus kicks in and you can practically feel every ounce of their enthusiasm in your gut as the song dips into the bridge.

This is their way of saying “we are the new faces of indie music, move over.” 



Words: Geo Blackman

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