SHADER – ‘True to Life’

Stoke band SHADER are delivering their latest electrifying single ‘True to Life’, making shockwaves in Staffordshire and beyond.

This release pumps your eardrums with so much energy that you are placed into a whirlwind of emotions that you don’t want this guitar-fuelled carousel to stop spinning. The sharp riffs are what make this a track a must-listen, providing eccentric beats with hard-hitting lyrics. ‘True to Life,’ released on 42 Records puts SHADER at the forefront of the record label’s rock ‘n’ roll race, especially with this single receiving its medal for earth-shattering riffs.

The single’s cover depicts a disco in a nightclub, a place that during lockdown can only be accounted as a mere vision; ‘True to Life’ has you bouncing back to those nights out where you’d leave at 3am, tanked up, and desperately craving a portion of kebab meat. – nostalgic memories fill you up with what seemed liked decades ago, but we’re only in the winter of this year. Once those memories are restored, ‘True to Life’ will not only be a crowd-pleaser but more or less a soundtrack to your post-pandemic nightlife occurrences.

The several lights dotted all over the place on the single’s cover as a crowd of people are congregated on the energetic dancefloor – a sight before more than six people were only allowed for grouse shooting – resonates the energy this new tune provides; non-stop lights in your face and your heart beating in a rhythm that matches the drums of this song. For me, personally, the guitar is what makes it – sharp and rhythmic alongside a nice little fill just before the end of the tune.

The lads from Staffordshire are surely cementing themselves as a widely respected indie guitar band with this track – SHADER will have their chorus on the lips of many music fans by the end of the year, becoming a huge favourite on the indie scene.

Jack McKenna


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