Shame – ‘Alphabet’

It’s been a long time coming for the South London group of five and it has been worth it. Shame are back with their boisterous new single ‘Alphabet’.

It’s been over two years since Shame released their debut album ‘Songs of Praise’, it was a perfect record that broke down stigmas as the band crusaded through songs shouting and screaming about the government. It was a record that was bursting at the seams with loud distorted guitar sounds and chaotic energy that went down well at their gigs. Shame are known for their political post-punk rock and as they release their new single, they’ve followed in the same direction as last time. 

After teasing new material across their social media platforms over the past week, they’ve released their new single ‘Alphabet’ that holds the all-around famous sound of theirs but with some added progression. In their true form, they’ve created a brash new single that is exhilarating and fast-paced. It’s wrapped in elevated energy and loose vocals that aluminate frontman Charlie Steen’s versatility – it’s perfectly crafted for their comeback. 

‘Alphabet’ is accompanied by a music video that is directed by Tegen Williams. 



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